[triangle-zpug] Momentum for new projects

David Handy david at handysoftware.com
Thu Jul 29 14:52:40 CEST 2004

On Wed, 28 Jul 2004, Tom Bryan wrote:

> Speaking of activities, Thomas talked about having a long "knowledge sharing" 
> lunch meeting in between our official TriZPUG meetings.  

I vote +1 on that.

> I suggest that you seize on the enthusiasm from last night and try to build 
> some momentum via this mailing list as soon as possible.  As I mentioned at 
> the meeting, I may not be able to organize TriZPUG much longer, so it's 
> critical that more of the members are involved in "running the show."  
> So, what do you want to do at the next meeting?

As a "motivator" to go along with my beginning programming book, I'm
writing a real-time multi-player spaceship game in pure Python. The game
also serves as a proof-of-concept for a general purpose rpc module I have
written. The rpc module is meant to abstract the details of network
communication for beginning programmers, and makes life easier for me too.  
*After* I wrote my rpc module, I compared it to the zrpc package used by
ZEO, and found some amazing design similarities.

I'd like to do a presentation on the book and the rpc module, and demo the
game (hopefully get you all to try it on your laptops) at some future
meeting. Unfortunately, 4th Wednesday evenings conflict with my sons' Cub 
Scout pack meetings, or I would have been there last night. If neither 
the Cub Scout nor the TriZPUG schedules change this September, then maybe 
I can do my presentation at one of Thomas' lunch meetings.

David H.

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