[triangle-zpug] Summary of July 2004 Meeting

Tom Bryan tbryan at python.net
Thu Jul 29 04:48:25 CEST 2004

There were seventeen of us at the meeting last night.  I was happy to see a 
couple of new faces and a few people that I haven't seen at a meeting in 
months.  The topic for the meeting was a "Zope Corp Product 
Demos/Discussions."  Rob Page from Zope Corp gave an short presentation of 
how Zope Corp sells their products and whether their products fit into the 
stack of Zope infrastructure that they and others have developed.  (We 
volunteered to hear this part of the presentation, which Rob characterized as 
an opt in marketing message.)

The bulk of the meeting involved a demonstration and discussion of Zope's 
Enterprise CMS, Zope4Intranets, and Zope4Edu.  Rob explained not only how 
Zope Corp's products work, but also how the company thinks about and 
approaches content management and web development.  There was also a lengthy 
Q&A session after the main presentation.  Questions ranged from judging when 
Zope is appropriate for a web development project to upgrade paths to Zope 
Corp's product pricing.  For me, it was the most elucidating 2 hours of Zope 
information I've ever come across.  

Our thanks to Rob Page for volunteering to give the presentation.  I hope 
everyone in the group enjoyed the meeting as much as I did.  

Thanks again, Rob!


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