[triangle-zpug] Momentum for new projects

Tom Bryan tbryan at python.net
Thu Jul 29 04:47:15 CEST 2004

I was happy to see that some of you took advantage of the large turn out at 
last night's meeting  to discuss some further collaboration in the group.  

It sounds like we are going to start alternating between our NCSU meeting 
location and a new meeting location on the Duke campus.  That may make 
TriZPUG more accessible for more of its members.  What I don't want to see 
the Durham/Chapel Hill group show up when the meeting is at Duke and the 
Raleigh group show up when the meeting is at NCSU.  Hopefully, everyone is 
willing to make the long drive every other month so that we can build a 
larger "core" membership that's actively attending and participating in 
TriZPUG activities.

Speaking of activities, Thomas talked about having a long "knowledge sharing" 
lunch meeting in between our official TriZPUG meetings.  

I believe that Chris plans to set up a Plone site for the group to create a 
more active TriZPUG site where we can all contribute content and share with 
fellow TriZPUG members.  

I suggest that you seize on the enthusiasm from last night and try to build 
some momentum via this mailing list as soon as possible.  As I mentioned at 
the meeting, I may not be able to organize TriZPUG much longer, so it's 
critical that more of the members are involved in "running the show."  

So, what do you want to do at the next meeting?


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