[triangle-zpug] Duke Libraries site now in Zope

Paolo Mangiafico paolo.mangiafico at duke.edu
Tue Jul 27 21:22:36 CEST 2004

As some of you may know, Duke University Libraries has been interested in Zope 
for a while - several of us from the Library's Information Technology Services 
are lurkers on this list and have attended meetings in the past. We've been 
working closely with Duke's Office of Information Technology on the 
development of Zope4Edu, but had a July 24 deadline to meet, so ended up 
building a first pass of our new site on Zope 2.7.0 and CMF 1.4.4 while 
waiting for Zope4Edu to be ready. I thought you might be interested in seeing 
our CMF site, which was launched last weekend - http://library.duke.edu/

Some other details, in case you're interested. The production site is running 
on two Linux boxes (a Zope/Apache server and a Squid cache), each of which has 
failover boxes offsite, and the performance so far has been really good. The 
Squid cache appears to be serving about 3/4 of the total hits, reducing the 
load on the Zope server significantly. We have a separate development 
instance, and synchronize with the production server using the ZSyncer 
product. The content and information architecture of the site are based on a 
lot of work by library staff (including user studies), and the visual design 
is based on some models developed for us by Webslingerz.

Several of us will be attending the meeting in Raleigh tomorrow night, and 
will be glad to answer questions about how we built it and to get your 
critiques and advice about how to improve it.


-- Paolo

Paolo Mangiafico
Head, Web Services/Research & Content Development
Information Technology Services
Duke University Libraries

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