[triangle-zpug] Meeting tonight cancelled/postponed until February...

Tom Bryan tbryan at python.net
Wed Jan 28 18:42:25 CET 2004

It appears that the road conditions were going to prevent about half of our 
members and, more importantly, our speaker from making it to Raleigh today. 
Since no one confirmed as attending tonight, we decided to cancel the meeting 
entirely.  Jim has agreed to give his talk at our February 25th meeting 
instead (unless a swarm of locusts prevents us from having the meeting).  
I'll send out an e-mail reminder in a couple of weeks.  

I apologize to anyone who didn't get the cancellation message before leaving 
for the meeting. The Mydoom e-mail virus impacting Microsoft systems made 
e-mail coordination difficult at best. Stay warm, and I'll see you all again 
in February. 


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