[triangle-zpug] Summary of February 2004 meeting

Jim Allman jim at ibang.com
Sun Feb 29 22:13:34 CET 2004

On Sunday, February 29, 2004, at 07:16  AM, Tom Bryan wrote:
> Thanks again, Jim!

You're quite welcome! I meant to pass along this URL, in case brave  
souls want to try the Temporal Modelling prototoype (Flash required):


Warning: As I mentioned in the meeting, the Play Space prototoype is  
very incomplete, and there's no help system yet. Those of you who  
attended the meeting will have a better idea of what and how to build  
here. For a taste, this link will load an existing model into the Play  
Space (be careful to keep the entire URL):


The Inspector window will show more information about all the pieces of  
the model, or allow you to edit their properties. (You can toggle it  
on/off by clicking "Inspector" in the upper-right of the menu bar.)  
Just click any object in the model and the Inspector will show if it  
has any interesting properties.

You can add new stuff to the model usign the Temporal Objects and  
Inflections menus. These new pieces will snap onto compatible objects  
in the current model. (Note that currently, anonymous users can't save  
models. This is pretty easy to fix, so let me know if you want to save  
things and I'll move it up on the old 'to do' list.)

Sorry we don't currently have more of a tutorial yet.. You can learn a  
bit more about the Temporal Modelling project by visiting the SpecLab  
homepage (http://speculativecomputing.org:8080/)

Oh, and if you want to watch the wheels turn (client-side logic and  
XML-RPC), you can activate the second "console" window with the  
'monitor' option. (NOTE: This will drastically slow down all  
operations! Also, your browser must allow popups.)


Comments and questions are welcome.  Enjoy!


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