[triangle-zpug] offer to provide a "Plone server"

Mark R. Biggers biggers at utsl.com
Fri Dec 31 00:33:22 CET 2004

Hi boot-campers,

(I know this is late, but...)

I am willing to contribute a "server" of sorts, running N (where N
probably needs to be < 6) instances of Plone 2.0.5, Zope 2.7.3, Python
2.3.4 on SuSE Linux 9.1 (my box is 768M, 600mhz P3).  I will also
provide "sudo zope" access and "student" accounts for N users.

If you have some help or know what you are doing on Linux, Plone
installs are no more trouble; in fact, you will be able to create
"optimized" Zope, Python and Plone installs, over what you would get
on Windows or pre-packaged Linux RPM stuff.

If anyone thinks this would be of help, /especially/ Chris our
organizer, let me know.  I would also be willing to setup "larger N
instances" on a heftier Linux (SuSE 9.1 or Debian sarge or newer
Fedora maybe) server in the boot-camp area, if I can have "sudo"/ssh
(ok, root) remote access.  Please contact me off-list, if this would
be of interest.

Thanks, your Zope/Linux guy,

  I will be running Plone (as above) on my Dell 400 mhz P2 / 256M Debian
  Linux notebook - decent, and probably a minimal Plone config.
  (incl X11, Windowmaker, Firefox, GNU Emacs) 

Chris Calloway writes:
 > AM Thomas wrote:
 > >>When I signed up, I asked Chris whether I'd need to set up Plone to run on
 > >>my laptop.  The answer seems to be yes.
 > Yes, that was the answer. And again, instructions on specifics need to 
 > come from Joel on the, uh, temporarily unavailable boot camp mailing 
 > list. Joel is not a member of the TriZPUG list.
 > At the very least, you will need a laptop to participate in the weekend 
 > Sprint. My understanding is that Boot Camp is very participatory. So to 
 > participate, it seems to me that you will need you hands on Plone.
 > >>I've got an older laptop (about 5 years? Not completely sure - it's an
 > >>Asus L7300) with 64M memory, a Pentium Celeron processor, and a Red Hat
 > >>7.3 partition that I *think* I will attempt to outfit for use in the boot
 > >>camp class.
 > Very tight. For running anything modern.
 > .........
 > The most trouble free installs are on Windows and Mac. We usually save 
 > the frustration of a Linux install for an actual server where we need 
 > Linux. Plone best practice is to develop on the Win/Mac laptop/desktop, 
 > check code into CVS/SVN, and then rsync to the Linux/BSD server. I think 
 > such practices will be covered on the last day of camp.

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