[triangle-zpug] Fix for the online Plone Book (extra-wide pages)

Mark R. Biggers biggers at utsl.com
Tue Dec 21 20:11:51 CET 2004

Hi Jim and all,

Thanks for the tip - makes reading the online Plone book much easier.

BTW - can't one of us figure out how to take the PloneBook (from CVS)
*.rst files and images, load them in a Plone instance, index that
content, and thus make "The Book" locally available and searchable?

(First guess -- just upload the .rst and image files into a Plone

My Firefox 1.0 (on Linux) 'userContent.css' stylesheet is below -
based on Jim's tip.

 * Edit this file and copy it as userContent.css into your
 * profile-directory/chrome/

 * This file can be used to apply a style to all web pages you view
 * Rules without !important are overruled by author rules if the
 * author sets any.  Rules with !important overrule author rules.

/* Slim down Plone Book pages to fit within a browser
pre {
     width: 800px ! important;

img {
     max-width: 800px ! important;
     overflow: auto ! important;

Jim Allman writes:
 > Hi all, here's a tip just in case anyone else is struggling with the 
 > online Plone Book...

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