[triangle-zpug] Placeful Plone skins

Chris Calloway cbc at unc.edu
Sun Dec 19 01:26:44 CET 2004

Regarding a contested question that came up two meeting ago, I stumbled 
upon the following language on Joel Burton's page, which I actually 
heard at Plone2 Conference, but was too feeble-minded to relate to the 
question at hand:

"Sometimes, it's very helpful to have scripts or skins be placeful. For 
example, you might have a different logo in different parts of your 
site, and a common Zope practice for this would be to have logo.jpg in 
the root of your site, and a different one in /about. However, this 
leaves a piece of skin in the site, and ruins our ability to maintain it 
well. Better is to have the root folder and /about folder have a 
property--say, logo_name, which tells us what logo to use in this area. 
Then, we can keep all of these logos on the filesystem, and have 
achieved our goal of just keeping the configuration part in the ZODB."


BTW, we have 40 accepted applications for Plone Boot Camp. Joel informs 
me this will be the largest Plone training meeting ever. Check out the 
syllabus: http://trizpug.org/boot-camp/syllabus and who's coming: 
http://trizpug.org/boot-camp/participants. Geoff has also been coming up 
with some good ideas for the Sprint, as well. Jim and Tom designed a 
killer logo for Boot Camp. It's on the front page of http://trizpug.org 
if you haven't seen it yet. T-shirts on the way.


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