[triangle-zpug] December 8 Trizpug meeting

Ben Best bbest at duke.edu
Fri Dec 3 16:49:14 CET 2004

Hi Tom, Chris and All,

Yes, I'll be ready to give the talk at this Wednesday's TriZPUG meeting in
Chapel Hill.  There is a lot of interest in the marine biogeographic
community to implement Plone amongst a series of emerging international
regional nodes.  I'll discuss this possibility within the context of our
project (OBIS-SEAMAP: mapping marine mammals, birds and turtles) and the
benefits of using Plone/Zope/Python for such a task, as well as how other
PHP and Java tools are being simultaneously used.

Cheers, Ben

P.S. Chris, my laptop MAC address is 00-90-4B-1D-B6-66 (wireless) and
00-0D-56-AC-7B-CC (wired).

Title: Seamap 

December's TriZPUG meeting features Ben Best presenting the technical
implementation of Plone on the  <http://seamap.env.duke.edu/> Ocean
Biogeographic Information System - Spatial Ecological Analysis of
Megavertebrate Populations (OBIS SEAMAP) site, particularly connectivity to
a (PostgreSQL) database and dynamic content migration (from PHP scripts).
Ben will also discuss how Plone/Zope/Python might fit into the
<http://www.gbif.org/serv/gbif-tools> future of the (mostly marine)
<http://www.iobis.org/> biogeographic communities. 

For more about TriZPUG: see the
<http://dev.zope.org/Members/tbryan/TriZPUG/FrontPage> TriZPUG page and join
the  <http://starship.python.net/mailman/listinfo/triangle-zpug> TriZPUG
mailing list. 

> Did anyone ask Ben whether he'll be ready by next Wednesday? 
> Ben?  Are you okay with this one?
> ---Tom

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