[triangle-zpug] TriZPUG August Meeting: NEW Location

Chris Calloway cbc at unc.edu
Thu Aug 26 21:49:57 CEST 2004

Paolo Mangiafico wrote:
> Perhaps Duke is not a popular place to hold these meetings, or else 
> maybe a more developed agenda is needed for next time.


Duke is just fine. I ran into Jim Allman while trying to find the new 
parking deck. I'd always been shoe'd away from parking in front of the 
chapel by security guards, so I never even considered that.

We appreciate your effort to provide an alternate place.

The only thing I'd say is what I've already said: 7pm is a more 
manageable meeting time for a Triangle-wide group of any kind.

Jim and I had a meeting of sorts after the nice fellow at the reference 
desk told us we were too late. It was an interesting meeting for me, 
anyway. I regret not having heard what Mark had to tell us about Zope3.

We talked about how to continue TriZPUG in the event of Tom moving away. 
(Tom, is your new job taking you away from the Triangle?)

For my part, I like the loose structure we have, although I think Jim 
and I agree there have to be people jazzed enough to make sure we have a 
place to meet each month, that there is some kind of program, and that 
word gets out about the meetings. Since we didn't have but the two of 
us, we didn't venture an opinion on whom that should be. How should 
consensus be reached on such things? Anyway, we need to scramble if Tom 
is leaving.

Thomas, is it time to have that TriZPUG power lunch? Is this something 
you'd want to try to organize? (I'm only asking because I thought it was 
your very good idea.) I'd even drive Chapel Hill to Raleigh for such a 

Jim and I discussed the merits of roundtables. I personally get a lot 
out of them. We were having one last night and Jim illuminated me to a 
lot of things I didn't know before and to some technologies he's working 
with. This is so worth it to me.

If there is no other program for next month, if I can get my host server 
repartitioned in a more comfortable way, and if I can make more headway 
on the TriZPUG web site, I'd like to go over using the soon to be 
unveiled trizpug.org Plone site. Jim and I talked about some of the 
challenges about how to make it as open as possible. We discussed how to 
implement multiple Zope instances. We'd like each member to have their 
own Zope sandbox but don't know how practical that is yet.

Question for the local Zope community relating to a TriZPUG web site:

This is kind of a "you should try it and see" or RTFM question, but if 
someone knows the answer off the top of their head, it would save some 
time and maybe a broken main Zope instance...

In a typical Plone on Linux install, there is a Products directory in 
/usr/lib/plone2/lib/python and a Products directory in 
/usr/lib/plone2/main where 'main' is the name of the default Zope 
instance. At least, that's how it works in longsleep's Plone SRPM.

I assume that Products installed in the /usr Products directory will be 
global across all Zope instances and Products installed in /var Products 
directory will be per instance only?

This is of interest in that if TriZPUG were to provide a Zope instance 
per user (in addition to a user group wide instance where we'd do the 
Wiki thing), there would be Products I'd want to make available to 
everyone, and Products an individual could install themselves from which 
everyone else could be insulated. Everybody could get their own Data.fs. 
This is of interest to me also because I have other web sites to run on 
Plone on my server beside TriZPUG instances.

Also, I'm not at all familiar with the performance limitations on 
running multiple Zope instances on one box. If more than two or three 
instances is A Bad Thing, then maybe we can just stick with per user 
Plone sites instead. Not as flexible Product-wise and maybe dicey if we 
use a group site for Zope training and/or Product development. Dunno. It 
could be something to discuss at next meeting. I haven't thought as 
deeply about it as I should. Obviously.


Chris Calloway
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