[triangle-zpug] TriZPUG August Meeting: NEW Location

Paolo Mangiafico paolo.mangiafico at duke.edu
Thu Aug 26 15:32:04 CEST 2004

Well, there was something about either the location of this meeting or the 
agenda that made it very unpopular. Only 4 people showed up, all from Duke, 
three of whom work in the same building where the meeting was held, two of 
whom work in adjacent cubicles and really didn't have any reason to stay for 
an evening meeting to talk to each other about Zope. ;-)

We hung out until about 7pm, in case anyone was just running late, and then 
disbanded. Sorry if you got there after 7pm and found the room closed.

Perhaps Duke is not a popular place to hold these meetings, or else maybe a 
more developed agenda is needed for next time.

-- Paolo

ps - FWIW, parking turned out not to be a problem. There were plenty of free 
spaces near the Chapel, about 40 paces from the building where the meeting was 

Tom Bryan wrote:

> Roundtable discussion - Your Python/Zope projects and question and TriZPUG
> The Triangle Zope/Python User Group (TriZPUG) will hold its next meeting on
> Wednesday, August 25, at 6:30 p.m. in Duham, NC.  We will be meeting in 
> room 226 at the Perkins Library on the Duke University West Campus.  
> Directions and parking info are available below.  This is a NEW location for 
> TriZPUG.  In an effort to share the pain of driving to meetings and attract 
> more people from the west side of the Triangle, we will be using this new 
> location for about half of our meetings in the future. This month, we'll be 
> having a "roundtable" discussion.  It's the perfect type of meeting for brand 
> new members, so invite anyone you know who may be interested.  
> Hope to see you there!


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