[triangle-zpug] Desktop apps in Python?

Tom Bryan tbryan at python.net
Mon Aug 16 15:53:44 CEST 2004

On Sunday 15 August 2004 01:30 pm, Jim Allman wrote:

> Thanks for great feedback! Plenty to chew on here, and you've both
> helped me to understand the distinctions between all the tools in my
> list.
> I'm shooting for the "shrink-wrap" experience, where a fairly naive
> user can download a single installer and quickly have joy.

Yes.  Understood.  

> I'm currently pondering an odd combination of tools--sounds crazy, but
> it just might work for my purposes:

Sounds crazy to me, but then I don't know anything about Flash.  I'd go for 
something like wxWindows or PyQt.  Of course, given your experience with 
Flash, your approach makes a lot of sense.  I'd be interested to know how 
well it works.  Maybe another presentation about this project will be in 
order later this year.  :-)

> Thoughts? (I realize that most people aren't going to be comfortable
> coding apps in Flash/Actionscript, but I find that it's a mature tool
> and getting better all the time.)

Like I said, I'm more comfortable coding with something like PyQt, and I'd 
prefer to have a community of folks doing something similar whose knowledge I 
can leverage.  I'm not sure how many Python-Twisted-Flash apps there are, but 
I've got a guess.  ;-)  

If you're not working with anyone else, then it sounds like a good approach.  
If you have to hand over the code to someone else, or if you're trying to 
find others to work on it with you, then this approach may prove more 
difficult.  I'm not sure how many Python fans will be intersted in working 
with Flash (especially if they're already proficient with something like Tk, 
GTK, Qt, or WxWindows), and I'm not sure how many Flash developers would want 
to tackle a project with Python+Twisted in the mix.  But it sounds like 
you've thought about it and have a plan, and if anyone can make it work, then 
I think that you're probably the one.    

Good luck!

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