[triangle-zpug] topics, we got 'em - April Speaker/Meeting?

Tom Bryan tbryan at python.net
Tue Apr 27 18:54:44 CEST 2004

On Tuesday 27 April 2004 09:08 am, Mark R. Biggers wrote:

> Have you cancelled the meeting?  

I had forgotten to do so, but I was just logging on to cancel it.  -)

> I've just completed a talk on "Introduction to Zope" for regional
> Linux Users Groups here, but it's too introductory for TZPUG, I
> think.

There are probably a few users (me included) who would like to hear such a 
talk.  Not a "Zope is an application server" talk, but a "So you're a long 
time Python/web programmer, here's a crash course on what you could do with 
Zope."  Some intros I have read give me the impression that they're just 
giving me toy examples that don't reflect how people actually use Zope.

> In my experience with being active in LUGs, any time we didn't have a
> topic, the best way to proceed was to go ahead and meet, and do the
> following (round-table like):
>   "what is your name, organization, and what is your interest in
>    Linux"  - everyone around the room talks
> It always got things going well for that meeting, and got folks
> interested enough to keep coming back.

I enjoy that type of meeting when it goes well, but it's not so fun when 
almost no one shows up.  :-)  We've tried it once or twice.  Attendence was 
poor.  If a bunch of people on the list are interested and would *actually* 
attend, I have no problems with this type of meeting format.  For the last 
few months, attendence has been 6-10 people, including me, the speaker, and 
one of the room sponsors.  

And if at any time, someone *else* wants to take over organizing this group, 
please be my guest.  I don't put a lot of effort into it because I don't use 
Python in my job, so Python is just a "fun" thing for me.  If the community 
gels and is excited about the meetings (suggesting topics/formats, 
volunteering for talks, etc.), then I'm happy to help coordinate things 
because it's fun.  If not, dragging people to the meeting is not fun, so we 
don't meet.  

If someone wants to put a lot more effort into organizing the group, contact 
me.  I'd be happy to hand it off for a while.  :-)


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