[triangle-zpug] Summary of August 2003 meeting

Geoff Davis geoff at geoffdavis.net
Wed Sep 3 12:43:21 CEST 2003

> Actually, I have a couple of really general questions on Zope/CMF
> versus Plone:

> 1) How are they related at this point? I gather the Plone folks are
> incorporating the recent CMF in their work, so is it kind of a polished
> "distro" of Zope/CMF, or more of a radical alternative?

The CMF is a framework, Plone is an application written using the framework.
Plone extends the set of tools provided by the CMF in a lot of interesting

* A great deal of attention has been paid to internationalization (i18n):
the Plone developers have invested a lot in software tools to make i18n
straightforward, and the payoff is that Plone has been translated into 25+

* Plone's page templates are all XHTML compliant, and they meet basic
accessibility guidelines (I don't know the details, but if you're
interested, I can point you to people who do).

* Plone makes extensive use of CSS, which makes it easy to customize the
look and feel.

* There are installers for Windows, OSX, and various Linux distributions
that can have you up and running on Plone in minutes.

* Plone provides tools for rapid development of content objects
(Archetypes), for quick product installation (QuickInstallerTool), for
simplifying form validation (CMFFormController), for managing groups (GRUF),
for having content objects not instantiate until after a user has completed
a form that initializes them (PortalFactory), etc, etc.

> 2) Would using Plone interfere with installing/using other Zope
> Products? (Does it retain standard Zope innards re traversal,
> acquisition, authentication, etc?) Or is it meant to be more like a
> shrink-wrapped setup with standard features?

Traversal, acquisition, authentication, etc, all behave normally.  You can
use other Zope products with Plone, though you might have to modify their
skins to make them look like the rest of Plone.  People have been Plonifying
the skins for a number of the more commonly used Zope products
(CMFCollector, CMFWiki, etc).

Check it out!


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