[triangle-zpug] Plone newbie questions

Chris Calloway cbc at unc.edu
Fri Oct 24 01:34:53 CEST 2003

I'm sending this here because it is simply not showing up on 
plone-users. Plus, I actually solved a couple of problems since trying 
to post to plone-users. And my manager thinks some of you NCSU plonistas 
are going to have the answers.

I have the kind of questions that deserve an RTFM response. It's that
I'm a plone development newbie, new on the job, thrown off the deep end,
and I have a do or die deadline Monday. And I am furiously RingTFM
and looking at examples. Assume I know enough Python, some Zope, and
teensy amount of CMF (enough to know how steep the curve is). I've built
unsophisticated non-CMF Zope sites. I've read Zope Book (made the
mistake of reading the print version), Zope Bible, and Plone book. I'm
now reading the ZWACK. The instance is Plone 1.04, CMF 1.3.1, Zope 
2.6.1, Redhat 9 (current RPM that is, I think).

1) How do I change the default login behavior to go to a user's home
page upon login?

2) Joining creates an index_html in the user's member folder. The
default is that this index_html is a document. How do I control what is
generated into that initial index_html? The reason will be apparent in
the next question.

3) This index_html on the user's home page should be pre-machined to
show customized content in this manner:

a) /myportal/portal_properties/site_properties has had the addition of a
lines property called "available_interests." Done.

b) /myportal/portal_memberdata has had the addition of a string property
called "interests". Done.

c) A personalize_form added to /myportal/portal_skins/custom allows the
user to select multiple available_interests and save them as the user's
interests. Done.

d) Each item (documents, images, events, etc.) which has been added to
the portal has been tagged with keywords in the metadata by content
developers. Notice there are now two things here: a user's interests and
an item's keywords. Done.

e) The list of available_interests exactly matches the list of existing
keywords. Done. (This was done this way because later on there needs to
be a facility for many to many relationships between interests and
keywords, a method for content developers to create those relationships,
and a method for persist those relationships. But that's for later when
things are hopefully more sane after deadline.)

f) Now assuming that there are these keyword/interest relationships,
which for today is simply string equivalence, this index_html which is
automagically generated in each user's folder upon joining should:

i) Grab the user's interests,

ii) Find all the items in the portal with keywords corresponding
(equivalent) to the user's interests,

iii) Display links in a folderish fashion (similar to content view) to
all those items found in the interest/keyword search as the user's
automatically generated index_html. That is, push content in which the
user is interested onto the user's home page.

iv) Note this is not the same as Favorites. Favorites are chosen and
maintained by the user on an item by item basis. The pushed content is
chosen for the user by an automated collaboration of the user's chosen
interests and the content developer's chosen keywords for an item.

v) FYI, the objective for a later version of this is to limit the push
on the user's home page to only certain content types, to have a default
behavior for each of those content types to display on the user's home
page in some manner other than just a link, and to have the display of
content types visually segregated on the user's home page by content type.

4) If I'm totally full of it to think that I can get up the speed to
have this done by Monday, please let me know. The first thing the I need
to know is if this is possible to accomplish in the now to Monday time
frame before I do much more hunting. Assume I'm working all weekend. 
This kind of stuff is a piece of cake in a straight up Zope site. But in 
the Plone idiom I'm still lost.

BTW, I enjoyed our meeting again last night. If you've read this far, 
I'll reward you by remebering one thing I forgot to point out last 
night. That is: if you want to play with Plone without installing it, 
you can go get yourself some free as in beer Plone hosting here:


Not only can you get yourself some free hosting, but it comes with your 
own subdomain. Objectis is a French company.


Chris Calloway
CB #3056, 06 Howell Hall, UNC, Chapel Hill, NC 27599
(919) 962-4205

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