[triangle-zpug] October meeting: any volunteers?

Chris Calloway cbc at unc.edu
Tue Oct 21 14:26:24 CEST 2003

Tom Bryan wrote:
> On Monday 13 October 2003 09:23 am, Chris Calloway wrote:
>>Tom Bryan wrote:
>>>Hi, all.  Work continues to be rather busy for me.  Our schedule would
>>>put our next meeting on Wednesday, Oct. 22, but I haven't tried to find a
>>>speaker yet.  Any volunteers?  I have a couple of ideas that I've been
>>>kicking around myself, but I know that I won't be able to put anything
>>>together until November or December.
>>Geoff and I are going to Plone conference this week. What about a report
>>on that? I'll talk to Geoff at the conference and see if he wants to
>>help support that. If not, why not let's say I'll make a report of
>>whatever I can pick up from there?
> Hi, all.  Chris's offer is the only one we've had for the October meeting.  
> Chris, are you still willing to speak?  Group, would you be interested in 
> this topic, or would you all prefer to skip the October meeting?  
> I'm not voting this time because I actually have a scheduling conflict this 
> week, and I will be unable to attend this meeting.
> ---Tom

Sorry for the late response. I just got back from Plone conference last
night. I'm still willing. The conference presentations are already on
the web and can be used:


I would suggest that I speak to the presentation on the "State of Plone"
and take questions, since Plone is sort of ancillary to the purpose of
TriZPUG. Most of the nuts and bolts presentations at Plone conference
were rather high level and unmeaty, as could be expected from 45 minute

Let me know.


Chris Calloway
CB #3056, 06 Howell Hall, UNC, Chapel Hill, NC 27599
(919) 962-4205

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