[triangle-zpug] Summary of May 2003 meeting

Tom Bryan tbryan at python.net
Thu May 29 00:58:26 EDT 2003

I'd like to thank Ian for giving an excellent presentation on the ReportLab 
library at tonight's TriZPUG meeting.  It was an excellent overview of a very 
interesting and useful Python library.  Like I said at the meeting, driving 
into Raleigh for the talk was a lot easier than flying out to OSCON for 
Python 11 Conference just to hear "The ReportLab Toolkit - A Print Button for 
Open Source Projects."  For those who were there tonight, check out this link 
and be impressed at how much of the content you now recognize. 

Ian will soon be sending me his slides for today's meeting (in PDF format, 
of course), and I will make them available online.
I was happy finally to be able to attend another TriZPUG meeting.  We had 7 
members in attendence tonight.  The talk was followed by some discussion of 
where and when to use ReportLab.  The conversation then strayed to 
discussions of RDBMS access from Python (PostgreSQL, MySQL, etc.).  We also 
talked about future meetings and whether 6:30 p.m. was too early for most 
members.  Some topics suggested for future meetings were Mailman, Jython, 
Python 2.2+ new features (new style classes, etc.), Twisted framework, and 
PyQt.  If anyone would like to prepare a presentation on one of these topics, 
please contact me.  We're still looking for a June speaker. :)


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