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Take a look at http://plone.org .  Plone is the easiest way to get started
with Zope -- Plone adds lots of enhancements to Zope, and there is a very
active developer community.  The various Plone developer lists or the Plone
IRC channel would be good places to find Zope developers.


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I'm new to Zope, and currently working on a project to help redesign and
deploy a website to be managed by Zope (which is currently not in Zope).
Learning about it has been very interesting, but I have no peers who have
any experience with it, and am looking for advice & help.  Can anyone
suggest a good source of Zope expertise?  We considered a support contract
w/Zope.com, but it's a bit expensive.  We are willing to pay for
consultation, though.

I hope this e-mail is OK to send the user group like this.

Bart Hubbard

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