[triangle-zpug] Summary of January 2003 Meeting

Tom Bryan triangle-zpug@starship.python.net
Fri, 31 Jan 2003 00:38:16 +0000

Our January meeting was a success despite the rain, change of location and 
time from our previous meetings, and our cancelled December meeting.  Ian, 
Jon B., Elliot, Paul, Chip, Jeff, Jim K., Jon C., Jim B., Thomas, John, 
Hunter, and Jim A. were there.  Fourteen in all, and some new faces in the 
mix!  I guess everyone just likes Hunter Matthews.  :)  

Hunter gave a great talk about Current, sparking some interesting discussion  
during and after the presentation about xmlrpc, mod_python, logging, testing, 
and databases (shelves, bdbm, postgres, and sqlite).  I know that there were 
still at least 10 people in the room discussing various topics when I left 
after 8:30.  

Thanks to Hunter for his work putting the talk together, and thanks to Jim for 
sponsoring the room.  We're planning to have our next meeting on Wednesday, 
February 26.  I don't yet have a speaker, so if you'd like to give a talk or 
suggest a topic, speak up.