[triangle-zpug] Proposed new meeting time/location

Ian Sparks triangle-zpug@starship.python.net
Mon, 20 Jan 2003 08:34:08 -0500

The Wednesdays are better but both work for me.

- Ian.

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Subject: [triangle-zpug] Proposed new meeting time/location

I propose the following location:

DELTA conference room(s) at Venture III on NCSU's Centennial Campus

And one of the following days (please vote, I need to choose one):

Fourth Wednesday of the month (starting Wed, Jan 29)
First Thursday of the month (starting Thur, Feb 6)

I'm not sure which of the groups on this page =20
http://www.neverwhere.org/~steve/triangle/groups.html are still active, =
those two days seem to have minimal conflict with other groups in our =
that may attract the same crowd. =20

As far as time, I'd say 6:30 - 7:30+, just like our previous meetings, =
if that=20
works for our hosts at UNC. =20

If you have something to say about our meeting time (and you actually =
plan to=20
attend meetings :-)), place your vote now.  I'll take a final tally on=20
Wednesday (January 22) so that I can announce the next meeting by =
Friday. =20


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