[triangle-zpug] Call for votes! New meeting time/location

James E. Blair triangle-zpug@starship.python.net
Fri, 10 Jan 2003 10:43:20 -0500

Tom Bryan <tbryan@python.net> writes:

> Here's my availability:
> Monday: already full
> Tuesday: maybe, may need to leave as early as 7:30, depending on location
> Wednesday: open
> Thursday: maybe
> Friday: open
> Weekends: open
> I have no suggestions for a location.  I'll ask again at my office (near 
> Millbrook and Falls of Neuse in north Raleigh).  Does anyone else have a 
> meeting room available to them?
> The second week of the month is actually very crowded, according to 
> http://www.neverwhere.org/~steve/triangle/groups.html

I can offer the DELTA conference room(s) at Venture III on NCSU's
Centennial Campus.  There is ample seating, and we can provide a
projector.  Parking shouldn't be a problem after hours (we have a
parking deck next to the building).  Apparently the external doors and
elevators are locked at 7:00, so we may have to improvise there.

Any day is fine for me.  I think we have several people at the office
with Python interest who could act as hosts.