[triangle-zpug] Call for votes! New meeting time/location

Tom Bryan triangle-zpug@starship.python.net
Thu, 9 Jan 2003 22:08:09 +0000

Sorry about this everyone.  I waited a bit long to start coordinating our 
January meeting.  While Hunter is still available to speak, John can no 
longer make Tuesday evenings, so we cannot meet at VERITAS.  At our November 
meeting, we had discussed changing the meeting time (and probably location 
since I think the VERITAS room was only available on Tuesdays).  At this 
point, a January will only happen if we can come to a happy consensus on 
meeting time and location and still meet there in what remains of January.  

Please reply to this message with your availability and any meeting space you 
can "sponsor."

Here's my availability:

Monday: already full
Tuesday: maybe, may need to leave as early as 7:30, depending on location
Wednesday: open
Thursday: maybe
Friday: open
Weekends: open

I have no suggestions for a location.  I'll ask again at my office (near 
Millbrook and Falls of Neuse in north Raleigh).  Does anyone else have a 
meeting room available to them?

The second week of the month is actually very crowded, according to