[personal] Re: [triangle-zpug] Taping Wednesday's talks

Hariharan Gopalan triangle-zpug@starship.python.net
Wed, 26 Feb 2003 10:32:35 -0500

I have a small Table tripod, worst case, we could use this, could be better
than the hand held route.


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||I can bring a video camera.  There's no tripod, but maybe we can cobble
||together a way to prop it up.  Worst case it could be hand-held, but
||that could be tiresome and result in a shaky recording.  If we go the
||hand-held route, I'd be happy to tape one of the talks, and maybe
||someone else would be kind enough to take over for the other?
||Hope the weather doesn't get too bad tonight.
||- Sam
||Geoff Davis wrote:
||> Does anyone on the list have access to a video camera that we could use
||> to tape tomorrow's meeting?  After going through all the trouble of
||> organizing tomorrow's meeting, Tom Bryan is being sent out of town by
||> his employer, and he'd like to be able to see the talks.  In
||addition, I
||> think that a tape of these talks would be nice to be able to
||loan out to
||> interested parties since the subject matter is of fairly
||general interest.
||> If you have access to a camera, please let me know.
||> Thanks!
||> Geoff
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