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Paul Edward Brinich paul_brinich at ncsu.edu
Wed Dec 3 17:13:11 CET 2003


Thanks for your comments and suggestions.  That is very similar to the
impression I have gotten so far in training for Zope.  We have been
trying to standardize on a UML-based development model, but we have
found it very challenging to get everyone on the same page.  That is
largely the reason we are looking for some outside help.

As far as scope is concerned, we all develop web applications for a
variety of purposes, most related to support of in-class or distance
education classes.  So, the applications could be a bit varied.  We are
interested in doing everything from integration work (namely course mgmt
systems such as webCT Vista with on-campus resources) to from-scratch
application work.  One specific area of interest for my co-workers would
be python/java integration (webCT Vista is java based).  But, I'd say
that we have a fairly broad scope, but we are mostly interested in
python only in regard to it's application in Zope and Zope products and
possibly for integration work with webCT.

Our intended audience for the training would be group of people from
across campus.  We have already gotten some interested parties together,
but I think it would be safe to assume that it would be quite a varied
group of people.  Perhaps as many as 6 or 7 of the trainees would be
from my department, so we would have a similar purpose, but we do intend
to get others involved.

As far as prerequisites are concerned.  I think it would be safe to
assume that everyone coming to the training would have a basic
html/scripting background with a few having experience with more robust,
object-oriented systems.  There are some who would be interested that
have had Python experience, but I think it would be safe to assume, for
the purpose of training, that everyone would be basically a beginner in

There are a number of people within my department that are really
interested in getting involved with zope/python.  We all do have other
job responsibilities, but we are trying to standardize on zope as our
development platform and to use it's maleability to act as an
integration layer between some of our other systems. So, I would say
that those within my department are really interested and ready to go.


On Wed, 2003-12-03 at 09:55, Jim Allman wrote:
> On Wednesday, December 3, 2003, at 08:45  AM, Mark Biggers wrote:
> > I wish I was up-to-speed enough to teach such a course.
> 	Same here. I have training experience, and I've done real work with 
> Zope--but always in smallish projects. I always feel like I'm nibbling 
> at the edges of its capabilities, learning enough to get the job done.
> 	I think one reason the thought of Zope training is kind of 
> intimidating, is that there's no "by the book" model for Zope 
> development. Once you get past the "common ground" of Python and "Zope 
> zen", the road forks in many directions. We all use these tools in 
> idiosyncratic ways, closely fitted to the task at hand. (OK, if you 
> narrow the field to just Plone or Silva, I suppose there are best 
> practices.)
> 	Paul, here are some questions that might help us find the right 
> trainer (and the right training approach) for the people at NCSU:
> 	- What specifically are they interested in? Do they want to sample the 
> buffet of Zope and Pythonic goodness, or do they have a specific 
> application in mind?
> 	-  Are they a cohesive group, or a sprinkling of people from different 
> environments?
> 	- What level of background knowledge (of HTML, database, content 
> management, scripting) can we assume?
> 	- How would you describe the "temperature" of the group? Are they 
> raring to go, or just kinda curious?
> 	=jimA=
Paul Brinich
Web Programmer
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