[triangle-zpug] Zope/python Training

Jim Allman jim at ibang.com
Wed Dec 3 15:55:23 CET 2003

On Wednesday, December 3, 2003, at 08:45  AM, Mark Biggers wrote:
> I wish I was up-to-speed enough to teach such a course.

	Same here. I have training experience, and I've done real work with 
Zope--but always in smallish projects. I always feel like I'm nibbling 
at the edges of its capabilities, learning enough to get the job done.

	I think one reason the thought of Zope training is kind of 
intimidating, is that there's no "by the book" model for Zope 
development. Once you get past the "common ground" of Python and "Zope 
zen", the road forks in many directions. We all use these tools in 
idiosyncratic ways, closely fitted to the task at hand. (OK, if you 
narrow the field to just Plone or Silva, I suppose there are best 

	Paul, here are some questions that might help us find the right 
trainer (and the right training approach) for the people at NCSU:

	- What specifically are they interested in? Do they want to sample the 
buffet of Zope and Pythonic goodness, or do they have a specific 
application in mind?

	-  Are they a cohesive group, or a sprinkling of people from different 

	- What level of background knowledge (of HTML, database, content 
management, scripting) can we assume?

	- How would you describe the "temperature" of the group? Are they 
raring to go, or just kinda curious?


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