[triangle-zpug] Zope/python Training

Mark Biggers biggers at utsl.com
Wed Dec 3 14:45:53 CET 2003

I wish I was up-to-speed enough to teach such a course.

Would anyone at NCSU be interested in "opening this up" to folks
outside NCSU, as 1 or 2 public courses?

I really like the course outline from this company -- sounds like just
what I need.  


   (I think 3 days may be too little for the amount of material, however) 

I'll be using Zope for my consulting work, and although I've done a
lot of Python, Perl and some J2EE and OpenACS work, Zope is a horse of
a different color.
I'm trying to leverage Formulator and ZetaDB (which gens DB/form code)
to see how to do what I can easily do in these other Web app systems.


  (336) 849-0278

Paul Edward Brinich writes:
 > Hey everyone,
 > I have a few people over here at NCSU who are interested in getting some
 > formal training in Zope/python.  I was wondering if anyone on this list
 > knows any companies or individuals who might be interested in teaching a
 > 3-5 day class to 10-20 people on Zope/python basics.  Thanks!
 > -Paul
 > -- 
 > Paul Brinich

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