[triangle-zpug] TriZPUG August Meeting: Smorgasbord Presentations and "Party"

Tom Bryan tbryan at python.net
Mon Aug 25 01:45:21 EDT 2003

TriZPUG August Meeting: Smorgasbord Presentations and "Party"

The Triangle Zope/Python User Group (TriZPUG) will hold its next meeting on
Wednesday, August 27, at 6:30 p.m. in Raleigh, NC.  We will be meeting in the
DELTA conference room(s) at Venture III, who has kindly permitted us to use
their meeting room, on NCSU's Centennial Campus.  Directions to Venture III
are below.  

We have something slightly different planned for this month...
We normally meet, listen to one member give a somewhat formal presentation, 
and then chat a bit before heading home.  The problem is that some members 
feel that they haven't gotten to know each other very well.  So this month's 
meeting will be much less formal, with food, a variety of Python topics, and 
hopefully more chance for interaction.  See below for details.

Hope to see you there!

Title: Smorgasbord Presentations and "Party"
This month's meeting has no single speaker.  We will be meeting to chat and 
eat, and everyone will be asked to talk for about 5 minutes.  Every attendee 
should bring at least 12 copies of a one page handout concerning some project 
he has or will be implementing with Python, Zope, Plone, or CMF, or something 
he wishes he had implemented using the above, or possibly a book review.  For 
a website or a GUI application, the one page can consist primarily of a 
screenshot of the website or the application.  For other projects, a short 
list of project highlights, perhaps with some sample output of the application 
may be appropriate.  This page should also have the member's name and contact 
information (if public). A business card or company brochure might be 

In addition to the "front page", each member should bring a contribution for 
snacks for the meeting (finger foods only!).  Home baked cake and cookies are 
welcome as well as fresh veggies from your garden.  For those less talented in 
the cullinary arts, you may bring a bag of chips or some such snack food.  We 
may also be ordering pizza if enough people want to pool money for one.  
(Further discussion of food for this meeting is encouraged on the 

The formal part of the meeting will consist of distributing the copies of 
your handout to all of the other members.  We'll then take about 5 minutes 
per person.  The author of the handout can elaborate some on the project, 
lessons learned, and such.  Others can use this time to ask questions about 
the project. 

Will threatens to withhold the German Chocolate Cake that he will be bringing
from anyone who forgets to bring his handouts.

Directions to the TriZPUG Meeting:
If you need directions to NCSU's Centennial Campus, try the following link 
If you need directions to the Venture III building, follow this link
http://delta.ncsu.edu/lts/about/directions.cfm, but skip step #3 since the 
is after hours.

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