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Okay, our August meeting would normally be on Wednesday August 27.

The suggestion was put forward to hold a sort of presentation party for our
next meeting.  Everyone would bring snacks.  We might also order pizza or
something.  Each member would also bring copies of a "front page" of some
project they have or will be implementing with Zope, Plone, CMF or Python,
something the wish they had implemented using the above, or possibly a book
review.  This page should have the member's name and contact information (if
public).  A business card or company brochure might be attached.

So, does everyone like this idea?  I think that such a meeting would be a
change of pace from our regular meeting format (chit-chat followed by
semi-formal presentation followed/interrupted by discussion).  It should
help us to remember each other's names/faces.  On the other hand, I want to
make sure that we have a solid attendence; otherwise it won't be any fun.

Simple votes are acceptable:
+1 = like it, plan to attend
0  = might attend; might like it
-1 = hate the idea


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