[triangle-zpug] Summary of July 2003 meeting

Sam Brauer sbrauer1 at nc.rr.com
Mon Aug 4 09:19:58 EDT 2003

Tom Bryan wrote:
> I'd like to thank Sam for giving us an overview of Zope's CMF at our last 
> meeting.  His outline reminded me that I'd really like to play with Zope 
> again soon, and when I do, I plan on using CMF or Plone.  I found the meeting  
> particularly interesting because we had a few Plone users on hand to help Sam 
> compare and contrast Plone and CMF for us.  I believe Sam also gave a live 
> demo of using (and customizing?) the CMF, but I had to duck out a bit earlier 
> than usual so I missed most of it.  I hope that the meeting continued for a 
> while after I left and that everyone had more time to chat and discuss Zope.

It did indeed continue for a while, but I didn't get to cover everything 
I had hoped too.  I should have moved more quickly through the first 
part of my talk so that I could have spent some time talking about 
customization.  I apologize to the folks who were present for not being 
better prepared.  Since I didn't get to the part on customization and 
instead spent a lot of time showing how the uncustomized CMF works (and 
pointing out negative points), I fear I may have scared people off more 
than I made them interested ;)

Once you spend some time with the CMF, you will realize that it is an 
amazingly malleable framework.  I had hoped to actually demonstrate 
this.  Of course, one need only look to Plone to see an example of what 
can be done on top of the CMF.

> I also brought one of the group's copies of _Text_Processing_in_Python_ to the 
> meeting.  Did anyone "check it out"?
> ---Tom
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