August Meeting Suggestion [was Re: [triangle-zpug] TriZPUG July Meeting: Introduction to CMF]

Tom Bryan tbryan at
Mon Aug 4 03:34:30 EDT 2003

On Thursday 24 July 2003 06:32 am, \"Will\" Williams wrote:
> As we left the July metting several of the remaining attendees realized
> that we were still having trouble remembering names and functions of the
> membership.  In an effort to become better acquainted with each of the
> other members it is suggested that we have a "beach party smorgasboard
> presentation" for August.
> This "beach party" would require every attendee to at least bring 12 copies
> of a "front page" of some project they have or will be implementing with
> Zope, Plone, CMF or Python, or something the wish they had implemented
> using the above, or possibly a book review.  This page should have the
> member's name and contact information (if public).  A business card or
> company brochure might be attached.

Sounds fine to me.  Would you plan to hold this meeting at the regular 
location or at someone's house?

I'd like to hear what others who attend the meetings think of this idea.  Does 
this interest you?  Would you attend?


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