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Geoff Davis triangle-zpug@starship.python.net
Mon, 21 Apr 2003 13:02:10 -0400

I must confess that I was kind of bad about going to talks at PyCon.
However, one standout was Shane Hathaway's APELib talk, and I'd like to
present something about APE at a future meeting (I'm nowhere near prepared
for this one).  APE is a persistence library that lets you store ZODB
objects in the data store of your choosing.

For non-Zope folks, the ZODB is the Z Object Database.  It runs just fine
without Zope and is quite useful for non-Zopistas -- it's basically a nice
way of making objects persistent in an almost completely transparent
fashion.  Mitch Kapor's all-Python Outlook-killer project is currently
slated to use the ZODB for storage, and it's very much a non-Zope venture.

For Zope folks, APE is great because it lets you access legacy data via the
familiar ZODB API, and it lets you offer clients a data store more familiar
than the ZODB.

Since I'm probably going to be using APE in the next few months, I volunteer
to give a talk on the standalone ZODB and APE.  Just not on Wednesday.  The
June slot should work for me if that's open.

Geoff Davis

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> Hi, all.  We'd normally have a TriZPUG meeting this Wednesday, April 23
> fourth Wednesday of the month).  Unfortunately, right after the PyCon in
> March, my boss sent me out of town.  I've been tied up with travel and
> for the last few weeks, and I haven't organized any meeting topic or
> with our room sponsor.
> So...the list is open, and everyone involved is on the list.  If the room
> available, then the meeting could be held as usual at 6:30 p.m.  The only
> thing missing is a speaker or a discussion topic.  If someone has a topic
> he'd like to present (by Wednesday!), please speak up.
> If not, perhaps this meeting could be more of a "round table."  If Geoff
> Rowland are there, perhaps they can talk about PyCon...give everyone an
> of what it was like.  Otherwise, perhaps a few people could each come
> prepared to talk for five or ten minutes about their favorite standard
> modules.
> If none of this sounds like a good idea, then we'll have to cancel the
> meeting.  I should be back in May and able to organize something for the
> 28 meeting.
> ---Tom
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