[triangle-zpug] April meeting

Tom Bryan triangle-zpug@starship.python.net
Mon, 21 Apr 2003 07:59:10 -0400

Hi, all.  We'd normally have a TriZPUG meeting this Wednesday, April 23 (the 
fourth Wednesday of the month).  Unfortunately, right after the PyCon in 
March, my boss sent me out of town.  I've been tied up with travel and such 
for the last few weeks, and I haven't organized any meeting topic or checked 
with our room sponsor. 

So...the list is open, and everyone involved is on the list.  If the room is 
available, then the meeting could be held as usual at 6:30 p.m.  The only 
thing missing is a speaker or a discussion topic.  If someone has a topic 
he'd like to present (by Wednesday!), please speak up.  

If not, perhaps this meeting could be more of a "round table."  If Geoff and 
Rowland are there, perhaps they can talk about PyCon...give everyone an idea 
of what it was like.  Otherwise, perhaps a few people could each come 
prepared to talk for five or ten minutes about their favorite standard 

If none of this sounds like a good idea, then we'll have to cancel the April 
meeting.  I should be back in May and able to organize something for the May 
28 meeting.