[triangle-zpug] Call for suggestions: meeting date and location

Geoff Davis triangle-zpug@starship.python.net
Sun, 29 Sep 2002 11:13:22 -0400

I'll need a little time toget a decent presentation together.  Tuesdays
work, and October 8 would be fine.

Geoff Davis

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> From the first vote, we chose option C.  We plan to meet in a conference
> room somewhere.  Geoff will give an overview of Zope, showing what can
> be done with CMF and Plone.  We'll then migrate to a restaurant nearby
> where we can socialize.  We'll probably ask everyone to write up a page
> about their current/past Python experience and projects so that we can
> share (and I can take notes about whom to ask to present on which
> topics).
> Right now, I have one meeting location.  John can get us a room at his
> employer (Veritas): "Its a fancy state of the art conference room, an
> entire wall of whiteboard, and a couple projectors.  Its a really great
> room....I can get the room, but the room and my availability is limited
> to Tuesday evenings."  The building is off of Meridian Parkway, near
> the 55 / 54 intersection.
> Does anyone else have a good room to offer?  Bonus points if it's
> central to our members.  Extra bonus points if it's closer to Raleigh
> since that's where I'll be coming from, and I hate driving. ;-)
> If not, does Tuesday work for everyone?  Could everyone meet as soon as
> this Tuesday, October 1?  According to
> http://www.neverwhere.org/~steve/triangle/groups.html
> the second Tuesday would have fewer conflicts.  How does everyone feel
> about October 8?
> ---Tom
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