[triangle-zpug] Call for suggestions: meeting date and location

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Most of the hotels and motels will give you a room if you order ahead for
some kind of catering... especially during the weeks that they are light on
guests and the rooms are vacant.  They usually have some visual aids,
including marker boards, etc.

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> From the first vote, we chose option C.  We plan to meet in a conference
> room somewhere.  Geoff will give an overview of Zope, showing what can
> be done with CMF and Plone.  We'll then migrate to a restaurant nearby
> where we can socialize.  We'll probably ask everyone to write up a page
> about their current/past Python experience and projects so that we can
> share (and I can take notes about whom to ask to present on which
> topics).
> Right now, I have one meeting location.  John can get us a room at his
> employer (Veritas): "Its a fancy state of the art conference room, an
> entire wall of whiteboard, and a couple projectors.  Its a really great
> room....I can get the room, but the room and my availability is limited
> to Tuesday evenings."  The building is off of Meridian Parkway, near
> the 55 / 54 intersection.
> Does anyone else have a good room to offer?  Bonus points if it's
> central to our members.  Extra bonus points if it's closer to Raleigh
> since that's where I'll be coming from, and I hate driving. ;-)
> If not, does Tuesday work for everyone?  Could everyone meet as soon as
> this Tuesday, October 1?  According to
> http://www.neverwhere.org/~steve/triangle/groups.html
> the second Tuesday would have fewer conflicts.  How does everyone feel
> about October 8?
> ---Tom
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