[triangle-zpug] Call for votes: first meeting format

Tom Bryan triangle-zpug@starship.python.net
Sun, 15 Sep 2002 23:08:21 +0500

In general, I'd like to have a monthly meeting with a topic and a 
speaker.  For the first meeting, perhaps something different would be 
in order.  We've had a bunch of suggestions for the first meeting, and 
I'd like to see what sort of consensus there is (if any) about what 
everyone would prefer for the first meeting.  So, please respond with 
one vote per option.  Please rate each option with a +1, 0, or -1.  If 
you'd like to include comments, please do, but remember to include your 
vote...one vote per option.

Option A)  We all meet at a restaurant.  Everyone brings a a (maximum) 
one page description of what (s)he is doing or has done with Python 
and/or Zope.  The purpose of such a meeting is partially just an 
icebreaker so everyone gets to know everyone else.  It also would give 
a pretty good idea of the current skill and interest of the group.  It 
would also give me a list of topic experts so that I know who to pester 
to present at future meetings.

Option B)  We get takeout (either individually or as a group) and meet 
in a room where food is permitted.  After everyone is settled and 
eating, Geoff gives a 30 minute presentation about Plone/CMF in Zope.  
His idea is to give a demo of some of the solution's features and 
capabilities and a list of references for more information.  

Option C)  We meet at a conference room somewhere.  Geoff gives his 
presentation.  After the presentation, we all pack into our cars and go 
out to eat (for a scaled down version of option A).

I'll wait a day or two to vote.  I wouldn't want to influence anyone 
else's vote. :)  Mid next week, we'll chose an option, and then we'll 
have a separate vote for time/location.