[triangle-zpug] Organizing first meeting of TriZPUG

Patrick Williams triangle-zpug@starship.python.net
Thu, 5 Sep 2002 12:14:04 -0400

Just a few suggestions for the first meeting:

Each of us make up a brief vita sheet along with contact information, our
current and/or future projects and interests.  These sheets could be
deposited on a table where each person would take one.

In lieu of this we could have a Zope site with database of the same
information.  (Maybe you already have that and I missed the announcement.)

First meetings are usually a get-acquainted process.  A brief informational
talk or moderated, group polling of topics of interest weighted in some
manner, and possibly interspersed with humorous stories of blunders might be
entertaining and enlightening.

Looking forward to whatever you decide,


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> I'd like something more structured as well.  Once a month with organized
> talks alternating between zope and python.  Are their people willing to
> a talk about some aspect of either?  Are other members willing to listen
> a talk?
> Charlie
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