[triangle-zpug] Organizing first meeting of TriZPUG

Tom Bryan triangle-zpug@starship.python.net
Wed, 4 Sep 2002 21:30:19 +0500

On Wednesday 04 September 2002 09:01 am, Mike Mueller wrote:
> On Tuesday 03 September 2002 15:11, Tom Bryan wrote:
> What sort of a venue do you have in mind?

For regular meetings, I'd like a conference room style of venue.  I have 
a *very* hard time talking about anything code/design related without a 
whiteboard or flipboard.  It would also be good to have a projector at 
our disposal, assuming that presenters have something they want to 
show.  For that, an internet connection may be needed, too.

I would like to keep the venue between Raleigh and RTP.  Any farther 
west, and I probably won't be able to make it.  And since I'm helping 
to organize things... :-)

Occasional meetings at a restaurant are fine with me if that's what 
everyone else wants.  I'm more interested in something more structured 
for our regular meetings.