[triangle-zpug] State of the TriZPUG

Tom Bryan triangle-zpug@starship.python.net
Wed, 4 Sep 2002 21:22:05 +0500

On Wednesday 04 September 2002 08:26 pm, Ian Sparks wrote:

> I'm interested in Zope but just that, interested. If TriZPUG is going
> to be TriZUG its unlikely I'll become a regular.

Not so long as I'm around. :)  From the looks of our member list, a PUG 
or a ZUG might starve for members.  Alternating topics (every other 
meeting), meetings with dual topics, and/or topics that apply to both 
the Python-mostly and Zope-mostly crowds are probably our best bet.  I 
think that we have few people who are so opposed to Zope topics or 
Python topics that they'd refust to come.  They'll just be less 
motivated to get out of the house for some of the topics.  That's fine 
with me as long as we can regularly draw about 10 members to meetings.

> That said, I would very much like to meet other Zope and Python users
> in a setting that allows for maximum "brownian motion".

I'm very interested in our regular meetings having some structure, such 
as an actual presentation with video projector and such or at least a 
designated topic for a guided discussion.  It's a small group, so we'll 
have to play with the format and see what works best.  I hope that we 
will always have some time set aside for general mingling so that 
people can chat with others doing similar work.