[triangle-zpug] Organizing first meeting of TriZPUG

A M Thomas triangle-zpug@starship.python.net
Wed, 04 Sep 2002 01:16:21 -0400

Hi Everybody

First meeting: I have conflicts the evenings of 9/19 and 9/20, but
they're not regular (unfortunately, I often have things occurring
weekday evenings sporadically).  Wednesday is usually open for me, but I
understand if this is not the case for others; in general, no standing
conflicts at present.

Soon would be nice.  Meet'n'greet sounds like a good idea, but maybe
with a short list of things to discuss, like future topics, locations,


Topics ideas (know that I'm a Zope user) - these are very general, and
I'm just writing whatever occurrs to me in hopes of stimulating

- How much can one reasonably customize Zope's CMF, both appearance and
other workings (this is probably part of the CMF talk, but that's my
main question about it)

- Session management in Zope (probably not a whole topic) and maybe in
another Python area?  This is web-focused.

- Most Useful Zope Products and Most Useful Python
Libraries/frameworks/whatever - maybe everyone could bring one to talk
about.  Alternative: Coolest products/libraries.

- Python and Zope: their places in the universe of programming tools
(i.e., what each is best at, how they compare to other tools, situations
that show each to best advantage)

- Interfacing with relational databases in either Python or Zope (or
both) - unless everyone is bored with this; it's not that hard in Zope,

- Programming GUIs with Python, with mention of cross-platform systems -
the last message posted on the list mentioned something about this, and
it does sound interesting!  I programmed in Delphi several years ago and
_loved_ it.

- Is it possible to compile Python?  That would be cool.

OK, now talk, everyone!

- AM