[triangle-zpug] Organizing first meeting of TriZPUG

Tom Bryan triangle-zpug@starship.python.net
Wed, 4 Sep 2002 00:11:52 +0500

So, who wants to do it? ;)

What is good for everyone as far as a regular meeting time?  Suppose 
that we're meeting in Raleigh or RTP and that we have a monthly 
meeting.  I'd like to find a day/time when we can regularly pull in 
about 10 people for each meeting (after counting for lack of interest 
in the topic or occasional schedule conflicts).  

My schedule is very open.  Most weekday evenings would work for me, but 
I would need to wrap up by about 9:30.  I know that we have many trilug 
members here, so the second Thursday of the month is probably out.  If 
anyone else has other standing commitments, please post them.  I'll 
compile a list and tell you all what's open, and we can vote.  I'd like 
to have the first meeting soon, if possible.  I'm thinking either late 
Semptember or early October.

I think that Geoff is still willing to give a Zope CMF/Plone talk, but 
I'm not sure whether that's a good kick-off topic for the group.  Any 
other topic ideas?  You don't have to give the talk, just suggest what 
you'd like to hear, and maybe someone else here is an expert (or 
willing to become one).  Would you like the first meeting to be more 
like a social and less like a seminar?  Would you be interested in 
monthly seminars on a variety of topics?