[triangle-zpug] State of the TriZPUG

Tom Bryan triangle-zpug@starship.python.net
Wed, 4 Sep 2002 00:10:49 +0500

There appear to be 21 distinct individuals involved with TriZPUG.  Of 
those, 19 are listed on the VisitorLog wiki page.  There are 15 members 
on the mailing list, and all of those members appear to be distinct.  I 
have sent e-mail to the other 6 to pester them about joining the list.

Other than the info on the VisitorLog, only about half a dozen people 
have posted here about definite preferences as far as meeting topics 
and style.  Of those, we have two strong votes for a "meet, greet, and 
eat" for at least our first meeting.  We've also had a couple of votes 
for (at least after the first meeting) meeting in a conference room and 
having someone present a Python/Zope topic in some depth.  Of the 
people who have posted their preferences about topics, we're all over 
the map.  A few are only interested in Zope and don't like Python much.   
A few have little interest in Zope (other than maybe an overview to 
learn what it is).  

You can see that we have quite a diverse group!  That either means that 
there will be a lot of room for everyone to learn and grow, or it means 
that none of us will want to talk about anything anyone else is 
interested in. :)  I guess time will tell.  I'll continue to gather 
info to help gauge where the interest actually is.  Now, all I need is 
feedback from everyone sitting quietly in the corners.

not-sure-how-i-got-involved-in-this-ly y'rs,