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Here's a good starting poing:

A good starting point would be playing around with PloneOMatic or
CMFTypes -- they do automated content object generation for you and will
save you lots of blundering around in the dark.  PloneOMatic is easier to
understand, CMFTypes is more refined and will probably end up being the
dominant generator.  See

Geoff Davis

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> So, although I missed our last meeting, I saw Geoff's slides.  It looks
> like a great starting point for the next round of work that needs to be
> done for a project I work on (http://www.ecoaccess.org/).
> Unfortunately, although I've played with Zope and read an early version
> of the Zope book
> http://www.zope.org/Documentation/Books/ZopeBook/current/index_html
> before there were Zope Page Templates, I really don't know much about
> creating sites with Zope.
> Now I have Plone installed and running.  I have no idea where to start.
> I am fortunate in that I have very specific functional requirements
> concerning user roles and permissions and document state transitions
> for a workflow.  I will soon have a list of metadata that documents
> should support and some information about different types of documents
> (such as FAQs, articles, and bibliographies).
> I'm staring at the ZMI for the "Plone site" I just added, and I'm not
> sure what to do next.  I could start flailing away and eventually get a
> site functioning through trial and error, but I really hope that's not
> necessary.  Where should I *start*?  Do I need to read more about ZPT
> first?  Since Plone is a CMF application, should I read all avaiable
> CMF documentation?  Basically, if you've played with Plone or CMF and
> had it to do all over again (starting as an experienced software
> developer who knows a little bit about Zope in general), where would
> you start?
> What I'm trying to avoid is doing the equivalent in Plone of writing a
> sort() function to sort lists of numbers...not noticing the nice
> L.sort() method.
> Thanks,
> ---Tom
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