[triangle-zpug] Help using Plone...

Tom Bryan triangle-zpug@starship.python.net
Mon, 28 Oct 2002 12:45:14 +0500

So, although I missed our last meeting, I saw Geoff's slides.  It looks 
like a great starting point for the next round of work that needs to be 
done for a project I work on (http://www.ecoaccess.org/).  
Unfortunately, although I've played with Zope and read an early version 
of the Zope book 
before there were Zope Page Templates, I really don't know much about 
creating sites with Zope.  

Now I have Plone installed and running.  I have no idea where to start.  
I am fortunate in that I have very specific functional requirements 
concerning user roles and permissions and document state transitions 
for a workflow.  I will soon have a list of metadata that documents 
should support and some information about different types of documents 
(such as FAQs, articles, and bibliographies).  

I'm staring at the ZMI for the "Plone site" I just added, and I'm not 
sure what to do next.  I could start flailing away and eventually get a 
site functioning through trial and error, but I really hope that's not 
necessary.  Where should I *start*?  Do I need to read more about ZPT 
first?  Since Plone is a CMF application, should I read all avaiable 
CMF documentation?  Basically, if you've played with Plone or CMF and 
had it to do all over again (starting as an experienced software 
developer who knows a little bit about Zope in general), where would 
you start?  

What I'm trying to avoid is doing the equivalent in Plone of writing a 
sort() function to sort lists of numbers...not noticing the nice 
L.sort() method.