[triangle-zpug] Looking for a speaker (and new member introduction)

Tom Bryan triangle-zpug@starship.python.net
Mon, 28 Oct 2002 11:16:03 +0500

On Monday 28 October 2002 08:32 am, Jim Allman wrote:

> > In the long term, we're *really* going to need the majority of the
> > members to start thinking about what they'd like to present.  With
> > about 20 people on the list and a dozen people at the last meeting,
> > we *should* be able to have monthly meetings without repeating
> > speakers.
> 	This has been a challenge in our Macromedia user group as well
> (http://www.tammug.org/). I'm actually intrigued by the other format
> you mentioned: round-table discussions with a pre-selected focus.
> Might be worth a try, esp. if people are willing to bring along
> snippets or stories related to the topic.

We'll see.  I think that we can field a speaker for most of the next few 
months.  If speaker interest fizzles, I'm willing to try round-table 
discussions to see whether everyone finds them useful.

> 	For what it's worth, I've recently been building web apps (one
> public project, and one under wraps) using Zope and Flash. In the
> process, I've learned a few things that might be "presentable":
> 	- the powerful (but poorly documented) Zope object APIs
> 	- navigating Zope's source-code (when all else fails)
> 	- quirks in the Zope security model (and workarounds)
> 	- using XML-RPC with Flash and Zope (incl. authentication issues)
> 	- caching and configuration tricks (to take advantage of browser
> caching, but also handle configuration and changes to app components)
> 	I'm sure I have more to learn than to teach in this group, but let
> me knwo if this stuff sounds interesting.

Yes.  To me, at least, either of the first two topics sound very