[triangle-zpug] Looking for a speaker for next meeting (Nov 12)

Ian Sparks triangle-zpug@starship.python.net
Mon, 28 Oct 2002 09:38:22 -0500

Nov. 12th 6:30 works for me.

I'd be interested in a presentation on unit testing in python. It may be =
kind of off-topic but I'd also be interested in some kind of =
presentation/roundtable by anyone who has experience with eXtreme =

The company I work for is currently in the throes of a merger and I =
don't expect it to settle out this side of Christmas but, circumstances =
permitting, I'd be willing to do a ReportLab presentation in a Feb/March =
kind of timeframe.

- I.

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On Wednesday 23 October 2002 02:35 am, Tom Bryan wrote:
> I'd like to hold our second meeting on the second Tuesday of November
> (the 12th). =20

I haven't heard anything, yea or nea, about this date.  Does the 12th at =

6:30 pm work for everyone?

> Hunter is interested in giving a talk, but he will be unable to give
> our next talk.

Actually, Hunter is the only one who has sounded even mildly interested=20
in giving a talk. =20

> So...we're looking for speakers. =20

Just so you know, I've had exactly as many members volunteers as you've=20
see on this list.  That is, none.  I'm willing to talk on unit testing=20
in Python: pyunit/unittest and doctest.  Does that topic sound=20
interesting to anyone other than me? =20

In the long term, we're *really* going to need the majority of the=20
members to start thinking about what they'd like to present.  With=20
about 20 people on the list and a dozen people at the last meeting, we=20
*should* be able to have monthly meetings without repeating speakers. =20
I guess I'd like several of you to start thinking *now* about topics=20
that you could present next year.  It would be cool to have a list of=20
several speakers who are willing to talk.  Then we'd just have to=20
schedule the meetings.  If you start now, you have six weeks (including=20
Thanksgiving holidays) to prepare your talk for December!  You don't=20
need to be an expert on your topic.  In fact, preparing a presentation=20
can be a great excuse to go learn some corner of Python or Zope that=20
you've been meaning to learn. =20

So, if you're willing to give a talk at the December, January, February, =

or March meeting, send me e-mail and suggest a few topics that you'd be=20
willing to do. =20

If it really comes down to just three or four people who alternate in=20
giving the talks, I think that the group will run out of steam for=20
prepared presentations by the middle of next year.  If that hapens,=20
we'll have to see how everyone feels about a change in format to=20
something like a simple group discussion with a designated topic.

By the way, the presentations don't have to be perfectly polished.  My=20
expectation is that the speaker may sometimes be more of a facilitator.  =

If everyone gets really interested in some specific slide and a tangent=20
related to that, then we can spend the whole evening talking about some=20
tangential topic.  I certainly don't want a dozen people watching a=20
presentation, feeling bored, and not getting involved.  I'd like the=20
speaker to prepare some slides and maybe live demos of running code=20
since that serves as a nice launching point for discussions.  I'd like=20
the speakers to be flexible and not worry too much about finishing=20
every slide in the presentation.  (Tangents that only interest one or=20
two people in the room should be discussed after the presentation is=20
over, of course.)


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