[triangle-zpug] Looking for a speaker (and new member introduction)

Jim Allman triangle-zpug@starship.python.net
Sun, 27 Oct 2002 22:32:41 -0500

Hi all,

	I recently joined the list, and I suppose this is good time for a first
post. My name is Jim Allman. I'm a local web designer/developer/consultant,
with experience in a variety of tools and languages.

	My company is called Interrobang Digital Media (http://www.ibang.com), and
I work with clients in the RTP area and beyond. I'm very happy to find a
ZPUG in this area. Like Ann Marie, I'd love to have a list of local experts
handy when proposing a Python/Zope solution to nervous clients.

> I haven't heard anything, yea or nea, about this date.
> Does the 12th [of Nov] at 6:30 pm work for everyone?

	This day (and second Tuesdays in general) are fine for me.

> Just so you know, I've had exactly as many members volunteers as you've
> see on this list.  That is, none.  I'm willing to talk on unit testing
> in Python: pyunit/unittest and doctest.  Does that topic sound
> interesting to anyone other than me?

	I'd love to see this. I'm very interested in unit testing but haven't had
time to really dig into it.
	Ann Marie's suggestion of compiled Python also sounds promising. (Sadly, I
know nothing about it.)

> In the long term, we're *really* going to need the majority of the
> members to start thinking about what they'd like to present.  With
> about 20 people on the list and a dozen people at the last meeting, we
> *should* be able to have monthly meetings without repeating speakers.

	This has been a challenge in our Macromedia user group as well
(http://www.tammug.org/). I'm actually intrigued by the other format you
mentioned: round-table discussions with a pre-selected focus. Might be worth
a try, esp. if people are willing to bring along snippets or stories related
to the topic.

	For what it's worth, I've recently been building web apps (one public
project, and one under wraps) using Zope and Flash. In the process, I've
learned a few things that might be "presentable":

	- the powerful (but poorly documented) Zope object APIs

	- navigating Zope's source-code (when all else fails)

	- quirks in the Zope security model (and workarounds)

	- using XML-RPC with Flash and Zope (incl. authentication issues)

	- caching and configuration tricks (to take advantage of browser caching,
but also handle configuration and changes to app components)

	I'm sure I have more to learn than to teach in this group, but let me knwo
if this stuff sounds interesting.