[triangle-zpug] Looking for a speaker for next meeting (Nov 12)

Tom Bryan triangle-zpug@starship.python.net
Sat, 26 Oct 2002 23:07:13 +0500

On Wednesday 23 October 2002 02:35 am, Tom Bryan wrote:
> I'd like to hold our second meeting on the second Tuesday of November
> (the 12th).  

I haven't heard anything, yea or nea, about this date.  Does the 12th at 
6:30 pm work for everyone?

> Hunter is interested in giving a talk, but he will be unable to give
> our next talk.

Actually, Hunter is the only one who has sounded even mildly interested 
in giving a talk.  

> So...we're looking for speakers.  

Just so you know, I've had exactly as many members volunteers as you've 
see on this list.  That is, none.  I'm willing to talk on unit testing 
in Python: pyunit/unittest and doctest.  Does that topic sound 
interesting to anyone other than me?  

In the long term, we're *really* going to need the majority of the 
members to start thinking about what they'd like to present.  With 
about 20 people on the list and a dozen people at the last meeting, we 
*should* be able to have monthly meetings without repeating speakers.  
I guess I'd like several of you to start thinking *now* about topics 
that you could present next year.  It would be cool to have a list of 
several speakers who are willing to talk.  Then we'd just have to 
schedule the meetings.  If you start now, you have six weeks (including 
Thanksgiving holidays) to prepare your talk for December!  You don't 
need to be an expert on your topic.  In fact, preparing a presentation 
can be a great excuse to go learn some corner of Python or Zope that 
you've been meaning to learn.  

So, if you're willing to give a talk at the December, January, February, 
or March meeting, send me e-mail and suggest a few topics that you'd be 
willing to do.  

If it really comes down to just three or four people who alternate in 
giving the talks, I think that the group will run out of steam for 
prepared presentations by the middle of next year.  If that hapens, 
we'll have to see how everyone feels about a change in format to 
something like a simple group discussion with a designated topic.

By the way, the presentations don't have to be perfectly polished.  My 
expectation is that the speaker may sometimes be more of a facilitator.  
If everyone gets really interested in some specific slide and a tangent 
related to that, then we can spend the whole evening talking about some 
tangential topic.  I certainly don't want a dozen people watching a 
presentation, feeling bored, and not getting involved.  I'd like the 
speaker to prepare some slides and maybe live demos of running code 
since that serves as a nice launching point for discussions.  I'd like 
the speakers to be flexible and not worry too much about finishing 
every slide in the presentation.  (Tangents that only interest one or 
two people in the room should be discussed after the presentation is 
over, of course.)