[triangle-zpug] Report on first meeting

Ian Sparks triangle-zpug@starship.python.net
Fri, 11 Oct 2002 12:38:56 -0400

I second (or third) the idea of going to a different restaurant next =

I enjoyed the food at the time but I suspect it may have been =
responsible for...well, enough said.

I also like the idea of a session on large-system development with =

- I.

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>From what I've heard, it sounds like the first meeting was a success! =20
I'd like to thank Geoff for putting together a presentation to kick off=20
the group's meetings.  I'm just sorry that I had to miss it: I've been=20
looking forward to it since I talked to him about it last summer.

How did the location/time suit everyone? =20

It sounds like there were about a dozen people there.  Did anyone take=20
down the names of all of the attendees? =20

>From what I understand, no one was very shy, and Geoff's presentation=20
served as motivation for quite a bit of discussion about Zope.  After=20
the presentation, everyone handed around their intro sheets, leading to=20
more discussion about specific Python and Zope problems and projects. =20
Around 8:00, the group finally headed over to Jamaica Jamaica for=20
dinner. =20

If you attended the meeting, feel free to reply to the list with=20
additional comments/impressions/details of the evening.  I'm=20
particularly interested in finding out whether there's anything that=20
the TriZPUG needs to improve for our next meeting.  I need to know=20
because I'd like to start planning the next meeting for November 12 (on=20
the second Tuesday of the month) at the same time and place...assuming =20
that it's still available and that the location/time was okay for=20
everyone.  I'm not sure what topics everyone suggested, but I hope we=20
can scrounge up a talk on the non-Zope Python side of the group.  Any=20
suggestions for a topic?  Any volunteers to speak? =20


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