[triangle-zpug] Report on first meeting

Tom Bryan triangle-zpug@starship.python.net
Thu, 10 Oct 2002 20:53:13 +0500

>From what I've heard, it sounds like the first meeting was a success!  
I'd like to thank Geoff for putting together a presentation to kick off 
the group's meetings.  I'm just sorry that I had to miss it: I've been 
looking forward to it since I talked to him about it last summer.

How did the location/time suit everyone?  

It sounds like there were about a dozen people there.  Did anyone take 
down the names of all of the attendees?  

>From what I understand, no one was very shy, and Geoff's presentation 
served as motivation for quite a bit of discussion about Zope.  After 
the presentation, everyone handed around their intro sheets, leading to 
more discussion about specific Python and Zope problems and projects.  
Around 8:00, the group finally headed over to Jamaica Jamaica for 

If you attended the meeting, feel free to reply to the list with 
additional comments/impressions/details of the evening.  I'm 
particularly interested in finding out whether there's anything that 
the TriZPUG needs to improve for our next meeting.  I need to know 
because I'd like to start planning the next meeting for November 12 (on 
the second Tuesday of the month) at the same time and place...assuming  
that it's still available and that the location/time was okay for 
everyone.  I'm not sure what topics everyone suggested, but I hope we 
can scrounge up a talk on the non-Zope Python side of the group.  Any 
suggestions for a topic?  Any volunteers to speak?